Upload Your File With Google Page Creator

Did you have much file such as image file, flash file, zip file, or etc, and want to display on internet but have not money to pay hosting? don't worry about that, you can using free hosting. One of million free hosting very popular in the world is Google Pages or Google Page Creator, with google page creator you can create a web page for instant and without having to learn HTML or use complex software because what you see is what you'll get. However, the most important is you can upload your file for free here. At google page creator you can upload image with ekstention .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .ico, or flash file .swf and another file such as css file, javascript, zip file and etc. Free space for you is 100 MB.

How to upload files to google page creator? first you must have google acoount. Not yet google account? sign up here! Or if you already have a Google Account, please sign in here. When you sign in for the first time, you must agree with google pages term of service. Below is the steps how to upload a file at google page craeator :

  • Please sign in at google page creator with your ID.
  • Take a look at your right monitor, and find Uploaded stuff.
  • Click at Upload link.
  • Click Browse.. button. Insert your file would upload.
  • Wait the minutes, uploading in the process.
  • If upload is done, right click at the file name and then choose copy shorcut for internet explorer or Copy Link Location for FireFox.
  • Paste at the notepad or another text editor.
  • Done... Now your file live on internet..!
Please use this facility while there is a free...

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